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Updated 05/17/2009
The club as a whole owns several kites and some other kiting paraphernalia and equipment. Club kites and equipment are available to members who wish to try them out, or borrow them for special events. Members wishing to borrow club equipment should contact the officers via the email address.

  Who's got what kites?

Single Line Kites

Captain Wow (Our Club's Mascot -- unfortunately deceased - see link)
Shirone Edo's
Sutton Flowform 252 (2)
Club Rokkaku's (2)
Red White and Blue Eddy Arch
Hand Held Faces Arch
Red, Black and White Genki
WOW's Flowform 252

Sport Kites

Kite Name KiteMaker/Manufacturer
Snap Top of the Line
Sprint Top of the Line
Kestral Joel Shultz (Sky Delight)
XTC Buena Vista
ZDX Reed Richards
Tracer Mike Simmons
(Before Skynasaur/Mile High Kites)
Ventura H.P. (2) Premier Kites

Other Club Stuff

Club Feathers (2) & Large R-W-B Banners (6)
Club Vented Sign
Club Pins Design Horizontal Signs
Mini Banners (About 40)

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