WOW Club Kites - Sutton Flowform 252

Flowform 252 in flight (at the

              Washington Monument) This awesome kite was acquired by Wings Over Washington for our great efforts in helping the Kite Loft to organize and run the kiting events a Sunfest 1996.

Walt Matthews and I took on the planning stages of the 5 day event. Then members of the club including Ron Young, Joe Whitmore, The Dugard/Callahan family, The VanMeers family, Skippy, Tim Wolfe, Sharon Huie, Terry Murray, Larry Shanahan, Jeff Truesdale and Linc joined us and took on responsible positions to assure a smoothly run event.

It indeed went well, and now the club is proud to fly our custom made red white and blue 252 at as many events as we can. Most any time you see Captain WOW flying, you will usually find the club 252 nearby.
Many thanks to all who helped the club to acquire this crowd pleasing flowform!
And, Special Thanks to Paul Dugard, and all who have taken on the HUGE responsibility of keeping this beast in the air! Hats Off to you, too!
Jim Cosca