Our Members   


Joyce & Jeff King - President

Karen and Jon Burkhart

Andrew Albosta and Jessica

Bill and MJ Goodwin

John Oxenham

Harold and Elizabeth Ames

The Arnold-Sitnick Family - Zach, Ben, Beth, Ron and Katie


Jim Hodges

Susan and Paul Dugard

Jim Cosca - past President

Andy Burchfield - past Vice President

Bob Lauder

Tom Humphrey

Kenneth and Margo Pettijohn

Mike and Cathy Mosman - past Vice President

Bevan and Margo Brown

Dave and Carol Ashworth - Secretary

Bill Bigge

Donna  Starr, Gary and Dustin Weber

Patrick Callahan

Paul and Barbara

Treasurer and President

Kathy Sugrue, Don Stark


Dennis Hawley - Vice President 



Updated 05/16/2009