WOW Members  

Here are some of our members at various events, or just out flying a kite!



Andy with a recent creation.




Harold Ames with his famous tie - dye kite which he auctioned off at the AKA Convention for $400.00!!!!






Jim Cosca and Sue Lennon with their 1st Place AKA Conference kite.

Paul Lamasters preparing for his Indoor Fly performance.

The first kite Paul LaMasters ever made! 

Lee, Paul and Dave at Flying Circus

Gary Weber and Dustin

Dennis Hawley and Rusty Woolfolk at Sandy Point MD.

 Harold and Elisabeth

Harold Ames and his hand dyed Iris Edo kite In Diamon Japan

Dave Gomberg, AKA President, and Harold Ames

Harold and Elizabeth Ames

Ron Sitnick at Assateague Beach

Harold Ames enjoying an after kite-fly dinner in Daimon Japan


Updated 11/26/2007